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Audiovisual Album Out Now


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Peninsula - Caras (Official Video)

Peninsula - Caras (Official Video)

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Travelers  - A Short Film

Travelers - A Short Film

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Peninsula - You and Me (Official Video)

Peninsula - You and Me (Official Video)

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Peninsula - Stay (Official Video)

Peninsula - Stay (Official Video)

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Originally formed as a trio in 2011 (Javier Arizpe on vocals and guitar, Rosalie Eva on vocals, keys, and bass, and Iván Medrano on drums), Peninsula’s formative years saw the band navigating between two countries, experimenting with electronic beats, moody melodies, and long-distance recording sessions. Following their debut show at In the Soil Arts Festival (St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada) in 2014, Peninsula relocated to Monterrey, México, recording their first EP “Balance,” produced in collaboration with Rafael “Rafonk” Rodriguez (Diezmillo Records/Rafonkestudios), mixed and mastered by Rusty Santos.


After their EP's release in May 2016, Peninsula performed shows in Monterrey, Monclova, Saltillo, Real de Catorce, Mazunte, Zicatela, Torreón and Durango, followed by a short Canadian tour with shows in Toronto, Niagara Falls, Hamilton and St. Catharines. The band has toured with talented artists David Zamora, Billy Marín (Era de Oro), Daniel García (Los Haters), and currently Ray Medellín (Mannequin). 


Peninsula's second EP “Human Feels” was produced and recorded in collaboration with Israel Zacarías (Zac Records), mixed by Carlos Rojas (ROT Producciones), and mastered by Rusty Santos. Released in November 2018, the band jumped straight into recording their first full length album entitled “Constellations/Constelaciones,” a collection of 12 diverse songs. The album was released as monthly singles during 2019 and is also available on vinyl, mixed and mastered by John Davis / Metropolis Studios. The following year, they released a collection of 13 remixes in collaboration with various artists across North and South America, including: Rusty Santos; Era de Oro; Martín Grant; Israel Zac; Donlagrima; Eusebio Sánchez; Pet Heads; Chetes; Dear B; Kind Sugi; Rafonk; Tausendeck; Pirámides.


The band began working on new music in 2021, eventually culminating in a theatre production presented to the public on November 11 & 12 of 2022 at Drámatico Theatre, located in Barrio Antíguo in Monterrey, México. The audio and video captured from the live production was then used to create an audiovisual album called "Hilo Conector" (Connecting Thread), released on July 29, 2023 exclusively on YouTube.

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